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Supporting over 100 professional certifications for leading Information Technology organizations, CBT Direct provides the most comprehensive choice of computer training for certification available for those seeking industry-standard accreditation. CBT Direct’s interactive learning paths are mapped closely to exam objectives and our mentoring services program helps guide students to exam success. CBT Direct’s IT Certification Collection maps to the most in-demand vendor and vendor-neutral certifications, including: CompTIA certification training, Microsoft certification training, Cisco certification training, ISC2 certification training, LPI certification training, Oracle certification training, ITIL® certification training, SUN certification training, EMC certification training, PMI certification training and more!

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IT Professional Solutions Areas

PC Repair & Support – Entry level IT skills and certification training for PC Technicians, Field Service Technicians, Help Desk Support and Customer Support Personnel.

Network Administration – Network skills and certification training for Network Technicians, Network Engineers, Network Administrators, IT Managers, CIO’s and CTO’s.

Security – Information systems security skills and certification training for Security Specialists, Network Security Engineers, Network Security Managers and CSO’s.

Web Design and Development – Website design and development skills and certification training for Website Designers, Web Developers, Multimedia Specialists, Creative Directors and Web Masters.

Database Administration – Database skills and certification training for Data Analysts, Data Technicians, SQL Programmers, Database Administrators, Database Managers and Enterprise Architects.

Programming - Various program language skills and certification training for Software Developers, Programmers, Software Designers, Application Developers, Gaming Programmers, Java Programmers, and Director’s of Software Development.

Project Management - Project Management skills and certification training for any current or future managers who want to direct and supervise projects successfully by gaining essential project management skills.

Technology alone cannot protect an organization’s assets or increase its profitability. People are the key to a successful organization, and employers demand qualified information technology staff to provide the highest standard of performance for their customers, employees, shareholders and partners. There are two main categories of information technology certifications: vendor-neutral and vendor-specific. Vendor-neutral certifications, such as the CompTIA A+ certification and (ISC) 2 CISSP® certification (Certified Information Systems Security Professional), encompass a broad scope of knowledge and are not tied to any specific technology vendor or product. Vendor-specific certifications, such as Microsoft’s MCSE certification (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) and Cisco’s CCNA certification (Cisco Certified Network Associate), are offered by information technology vendors covering knowledge and content specific to their products, solutions, and best practices. Both kinds of certifications play an extremely important role in the market, fulfilling specific knowledge and learning requirements, and demonstrating predetermined acceptable levels of competency and experience.

Computer certification programs are setting the standards for the Information Technology industry worldwide. Although most careers in the IT and communications fields are lucrative and lead to rapid advancement, you can move ahead even more rapidly if you have been certified. In fact, you often can earn a salary increase of 20% or more once you become certified. Nowadays, learning computer repair on your own or even having a degree in computer science just isn't enough. Companies are demanding that their IT professionals be certified as a way to measure their skills as well as to guarantee that they can perform their jobs successfully. In short, computer training certification will help a computer professional get a good job and stay competitive in what is now a highly demanding Information Technology environment.

Click Here to Request a Quote Benefits of certification to the Professional include:

  • Ability to demonstrate a working knowledge of information technology
  • Validates the person’s commitment to the profession
  • Offers a career differentiator, enhanced credibility and marketability
  • Provides access to valuable resources, such as continuing education, peer networking and idea exchange

Benefits of certification for the Organization include:

  • Establishes a standard of best practices for the organization
  • Provides the organization with staff that have demonstrated a broad knowledge in information technology and sound professional judgment
  • Provides access to a network of global industry and subject matter experts
  • Provides comfort to employer as to the individual’s knowledge, skills, abilities and experience

Prepare for 100+ Professional Information Technology Certifications

CBT Direct’s online training course materials support IT professionals interested in certification through every stage of the Information Technology learning curve. Learners are further assisted in their computer training with a combination of additional resources including online mentoring, Express Guide Manuals and practice certification exams.

CBT Direct offers online mentoring for over 100 current major certification exams for IT professionals. Mentors are available 24x7*. Through online chats and email, learners can ask questions, receive clarification and request additional information to help get the answers and understanding they need.
* For most courses.

CBT Direct offers the most comprehensive and compelling e-learning content for Information Technology skills and computer training.

CBT Direct’s instructional design model of each online training course includes careful consideration of content and target audience needs. The design of each online training course starts with the definition of learner-focused performance objectives and then proceeds to the selection and implementation of instructional strategies and learning activities appropriate for those objectives. Frequent practice questions or exercises, along with assessments, measure learners’ achievement of those objectives. The self-paced environment and unlimited access to instruction and assessment provide all learners with the opportunity to reach their desired level of mastery within each IT training course.

Learn While You Work

CBT Direct’s IT Skills Courseware Collection and certification training provides a rich array of content assets and flexible delivery technologies to support the full range of formal and on-demand learning needs of IT organizations today. With instant access to the right resources, learning is continually available close to the work, resulting in immediate impact to critical Information Technology decisions and projects.

Multi-Modal Resources

With over 500 Information Technology courses, CBT Direct’s IT Professional Course Collection includes an array of online training courses and supporting resources including:

  • Online Training Courses – CBT Direct’s award winning Information Technology courseware library includes several thousand hours of interactive instruction
  • Expert Mentoring – Online mentors are available for over 100 major professional certifications.
  • IT Certification Manuals – CBT Direct’s Express Guides offer quick-to-market and content-rich coverage of critical emerging certifications and technologies **
  • Practice Certification Exams – CBT Direct’s TestPrep Exams allow learners to test their knowledge of certification subjects in a simulated test environment

** Only available with library subscriptions.

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