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Call 1-800-358-6389 Dwight D. Eisenhower once said, “Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it”. Being in a leadership role has its own challenges, especially when your employees have something different in mind. How do you get them to share your visions? How do you energize and empower them through interpersonal communication? How do you implement change when there is resistance?

The power to progress from business management to leadership is yours. Your business management and communication skills give you the key to the giant office in the corner, now all you need is enough confidence to unlock the door. Learn how to enable others through your leadership skills and interpersonal communication skills, develop and motivate a diverse team that can achieve optimum performance, improve morale and productivity through interpersonal communication and triumph in times of trouble.

At this level, you might be dreaming of becoming your own boss and be in business for yourself. With the right motivation and preparation, having a home business could be a reality! CBT Direct’s online courses will help you reach your goals by giving you tips on how to improve your time management, business management, connect with your clients through “emotional communication”, generate creative and innovative ideas and strategically market your own business.

The CBT Direct online courses that follow concentrate on: leadership training and business development and the challenges and pitfalls of leading from the front line, motivating your employees through everyday communication, progressing from business management to leadership training, the foundations of a business execution culture and personal accountability and tips on how to build a home business. In addition, CBT Direct has put together online course simulations specific to these communication skills to apply and practice what you learn.

Get the leadership training and communication skills you need to continue to build your business with CBT Direct’s “Building Your Business” online courses.

Building a Home Business – This course will teach you the basic skills of decision-making, organization, delegation and implementation. To thrive and maintain control of your home business, we also cover more in-depth skills, such as: time management, prioritization, understanding product life-cycles, building trust, win-win negotiations, marketing strategies and more.

Business Execution – CBT Direct’s online courses in business execution will help you to create the right business execution culture in your company and teach your team how to work together toward your company’s future.

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